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socks and cat


I noticed after my last trip to Portland that my poor little pink luggage had pretty much bitten the dust. The seams were starting to come apart and it might very well fall apart the next time I check it on to a flight. So I shopped around and found the perfect luggage set for me that I just ordered on eBay:


Oh that is so cute for you! congratz!
Very cute! Hopefully it's well designed and won't fall apart the first time you use it.
I expect it to be poor quality (it didn't cost that much). But I like it enough that I might try and sew it back together if it ever starts to fall apart.
If it retails high and you got it cheap, that's one thing. When my mother and I were preparing for a trip to Europe (the first of many) she got a great deal on designer luggage, exceedingly well made by a well known designer, for next to nothing on eBay through a liquidator.

But if it doesn't retail for much (under $100 per piece) it probably won't last more than a few trips.

I've found that once luggage starts to fall apart, there's not much that can be done about it short of having it repaired by someone that specializes in luggage. Which depending on what you're repairing, sometimes it's just easier and cheaper to buy new pieces than fix old ones.
It was about $110 for all 3 pieces. I only use my luggage once or twice per year though. So it might last a couple years.