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I have not been able to read LJ in about a week and a half. I feel bad about this. But registration time combined with teaching and putting together new lesson plans and getting the 2nd studio set up has eaten away every minute of the day. Thank goodness registration time only happens one week every 7 weeks.

I now have the private lesson studio with 3 poles set up in my home. Well, the poles anyway. I still need to get the curtains hemmed and some decor put in by this weekend. Obviously it's not as huge as the 5 pole studio myself and my instructors normally teach in. But now I can have classes and parties simultaneously. First simultaneous lesson will be Monday night. I'll be teaching level 4 and level 5 in the evening in the main studio while one of my instructors teaches a group private lesson in my home studio at the same time. And since my home is commercially zoned, it's all legal and stuff.

Today a student came to me for a private lesson and asked me to come up with a sexy way to strip off her gloves. She's doing a hoop performance at a fancy auction and wants to strip her gloves off while she hoops. Glove stripping is not really party of pole dancing, but fortunately I used to do just a little bit of burlesque. So I was able to teacher her a sexy burlesque style glove strip. I have to say that I really enjoyed it because it was nice to teach something different. I do very often teach the same thing over and over again. The variety and challenge was a wonderful change. It's definitely time to mix it up and offer new things at my dance school. The variety makes teaching so much more fun.

I'm very VERY tempted to go-go dance at Vogue this Saturday night. They treat me so well and I have so much fun. But I know I'll be paying for it (physically) for a week afterward. So I can't decide.

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