Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Erotic Art Festival

Volunteering at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival last night was great. The venue is amazing. It was more spacious and beautiful than any previous years. I started the night as a greeter at the door. This was a great place to be because I got to see everyone walk in wearing their formal wear, gowns and sexiest outfits. But I wanted to take it easy on my body and not stand for the entire 3 hour shift. So they switched me to another job for the last half where I got to sit behind a desk and give the artists their badges. I really loved getting all dolled and dressed up and spending time with people who were also dressed in their best. I wish there were more events like these.

My main purpose for volunteering was to get my promotional material on the community table before most people started showing up on Friday and Saturday. I designed pole party coupons complete with pictures and purchased special glossy paper to print them on. I even cut them with a recently purchased new fancy light up paper cutter. I left them with cards on the community table and I hope to see them all taken by the time I get there late Saturday night.

If you're going to the festival ladies, take care when choosing your shoes. You will be on your feet all night!

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