Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

your opinions please

Below is the text I just wrote for my latest newsletter and registration announcement. Please let me know what you think. Is it too long? Does it sound genuine and believable? Or can you offer any grammatical corrections? Thanks!

There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence! But where does confidence come from? Not ego, and not the kind of false confidence that comes from comparing ourselves to some one else’s ideal of what beautiful or sexy is. So what builds real and genuine and unshakable confidence? It comes from the experience of challenging and overcoming our fears. So ask yourself, why haven’t you tried pole dancing yet? Are you self-conscious? Do you have a fear that you’re not strong enough or fit enough to pole dance? Are you afraid of comparing yourself to or being judged by others? Almost every girl has to overcome those fears to take her first pole dance class.

Pole for the Soul is a women only supportive environment for women of every shape, size and fitness level. Whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness fanatic or somewhere in between, pole dancing offers something fun and unique to benefit every woman! You don’t have to be strong or skinny to feel beautiful on the pole. Our studio is a safe place where every woman can savor her curves! All that is required is an open mind and an hour a 45 minutes a week to explore and express what is natural, sensual and empowering to our feminine spirits. This is your chance to challenge your fears or doubts and grow into a more confident and beautiful you!

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