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Kitten dancing in a cage2

All she wants to do is dance...

Saturday night at the Vogue was a blast! Bunches of us were there to celebrate ocicat's birthday so the company was wonderful. As usual, the Vogue let me go-go dance up on the little go-go stage. And I even dressed up for it. And the staff of the Vogue treats me wonderfully whenever I dance for them.

My little body works hard all week though and adding go-go dancing to that might not be the best idea. There are no private and clean floors there for me to use to cool down and stretch afterward. So all that aggressive dancing plus no stretching afterward makes for a very hurting Cage Kitten the next day. And while I thought I was only going to teach a one hour lesson today, an exotic dancer also booked another hour with me this morning. So that makes two hours of teaching after a night of dancing like crazy. As I started the second lesson, I think my body was protesting, because for a second or two I felt like I was going to throw up.

Mental note, do not go-go dance on Saturday night unless you have only 1 or have no private lesson clients on Sunday morning. Two lessons is too many after a night of dancing.

But I still can't wait to do it again!


Good seeing you out last night! :>


Edited at 2009-04-27 07:43 am (UTC)
Go Go dancing makes you happy, I say do it. Just take care of yourself Sweetie, if you need to stretch or cool down ask if they have an area to do that.
You have to lay down on the floor in order to stretch properly. There is no where in that club with a clean floor!
good point, Clubs are very disgusting with all the lights on.