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Belly dancer headshop

Is this steampunk belly dancer?

I think this might be a great vest for my steampunk belly dance costume. I do wish it was a more faded and worn leather. But it's not real leather, so I can't do anything to distress it. And the clock gears and antique keys are kind of a cheesy sewed on after effect. But that fact is, it's perfect for showing off a metal bra with gears and antique bits on it. And it show the midriff, which is needed for a belly dance costume.

I think $55 is a bit steep for it. So I e-mailed the seller and asked to see a picture of the back (the description says the back is made of elastic, which is odd). I'll decide if it's worth it once I see the back.

The vest also looks cute over a black dress:

Also available in black. Should I get black instead?:


you can use a leather dye to give it a more antiqued look. i was just at a leather store and they sold it. gave a good "old west" effect. :)
You might have missed the part where I said it's not real leather. I don't think leather products work on fake leather. :(
whooops! hellooo brainfart. ;-)
Tough choice! I actually like the version with the chain and clock bits better. I just edited the post to include what the black version looks like. Do you have the black or brown? And the pics make it look kind of low quality. Is the quality okay? Can it pass for real leather?
"And it show the midriff, which is needed for a belly dance costume."

I really beg to differ.
It totally depends on the style of bellydance. Cabaret dancing yes - show the tummy, but there are lots of ethnic styles that don't show bare skin at all.
I stand corrected. And I do recall one of my belly dance teachers telling us that a bare midriff is a western invention for belly dancing and it wasn't like that before we modified it.

What I should have said was it's needed for MY belly dance costume.
Yeah, I did Saudi Arabian ethnic belly dancing for years and in Saudi Arabia, only whores show belly skin.

I can't wait to see how your outfit turns out though. I know you can't really "distress" the fake leather - but maybe you could paint it so it looks distressed?
Thank you!
I definitely prefer brown over black for steampunk. I don't know about using leather dye on fake leather, but you can definitely use fabric and craft paints to good effect - dry sponging and brushing with bronze or gold will give a good antiqued look.
I don't have any experience dry sponging, I hope I don't ruin it!
You can practice on a piece of scrap or even cardboard first, and there should be handouts and sometimes videos at the craft store to show you what to do. Or, I'm sure there are plenty of people on your friends list who have used the technique and could demonstrate. :)
Small world -- I was chatting with the model in those pictures about 4 hours ago...imagine my surprise when I saw this post!
The seller on etsy lives in Seattle, so that would explain why the model is local as well.
The seller is the model, that's Allison of Velvetgarden.net, and an old school AGF'er. She's a doll and I highly recommend doing business with her. A real sweetie.
Normally etsy sales are done online. But I'm going to ask her if I can come over and see the black and the brown and decide from there which one would look better.
She also vends at local events. I do hope you get to meet her, she is just delightful.
Is there somewhere the events are listed?
She sometimes posts her events on her LJ velvetgarden
Yup. She was at club V last week, and Mercury last night.