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socks and cat

My cat the drug addict

Vader has been a handful, more than I was prepared for. My last cat was an old woman when I adopted her and she did very little other than sleep, snuggle me and everyone in the house, and purr. Vader is the complete opposite. He is young, rambunctious, curious and into absolutely everything. Even as I'm typing this he's trying to knock an eraser off a box on the floor and eat it.

He's still a little snuggle bundle of love and I adore him. But I'm constantly finding things knocked over, broken or broken into, etc. He's even started trying to slip by me and run out the front door to escape when I come home and open the door. I didn't choose his name, but if I did have to choose one for him, it would be Trouble. He's always getting into things, tearing things up and getting into trouble.

Yesterday was the last straw. I was working at my computer when I heard the sound of plastic being ripped at. Uh-oh, cats and plastic can't be good! I ran out to the hall and found my cat had actually gotten into the cat nip! The little baggie of cat nip is stored in a cabinet 3 feet off the ground. It is seemingly impossible for a cat to get in there! But there is a wet bar under it and I must have left the cabinet open and he climbed up onto the wet bar and some how stretched his little cat body high enough to reach up and inside. He also managed to get wet in the process, either from the wet bar or from being in my tub which he likes to do after a shower.

So here I find my cat with the torn open cat nip bag and the cat nip wet. His face is smeared in cat nip. His paws are covered in it. Wet cat nip is stuck to his back and belly. The floor is smeared in water and cat nip. And of coursed, he is rolling around in it stoned out of his mind:

Fortunately I had some kitty bath wet wipes so I was able to wipe him down and get all the cat nip off him. I also had to mop the floor to get all the wet smeared cat nip off.


Cats are ninjas and nothing is safe. Seriously. With adventurous cats I've had the best luck putting catnip and such in the fridge for safe keeping (they could still get to it if they know it's there, but they won't be able to smell it there, and that is most likely how your little guy found it.

Also, the catnip's not going to hurt him, and it's addictive. After a few minutes, he'll probably get bored and either run around to find new things to entertain himself or fall asleep (they acclimate to the catnip pretty quickly, but can come back a few hours later and start all over again...lol). I've had cats that get totally 'stoned' and sleepy and happy, and some that get almost violent and hyper with it. They are reacting to a chemical in the mint herb that basically can be sensed with all 5 senses, causing an almost euphoric reaction. Since this is something humans can't relate to, people tend to assume they are 'tripping' or 'stoned' the same way that humans can get with certain drugs.

Sorry, I think I was channeling Mr. Science there! lol :P Anyways, you might want to consider getting him a catnip ball. I can't remember where we got Miette's (Mud Bay I'm thinking), but it's a hard golf ball sized ball of pressed catnip. Like a giant jawbreaker for cats. She bats it around, and licks it and stuff, but when she's done I usually put it in the fridge. They also recommend putting it in the bath tub and having the cat roll it around in there because they like the sound and it won't get caught in any corners. I tried that with hers, but the drain in the tub goes in a little and the ball just kept getting stuck in there. But she loves that little ball.
Interesting! Why don't humans have the same reaction to the chemical?
Wow - he looks so blissfully buzzed.


When I got my girls, I specifically got 2 kittens, as I was working 9 hour days. A bored kitten equals nothing but destruction, and I figured a sibling would help. I got them both pretty young, and I don't know if you could do it as easily now as Vader is older, but something to think about-?-
My sweetie is allergic to cats. He loves cats though, so he's doing his best to cope with Vader and dotes on him often. But two cats would be really hard on his allergies.
Yep, I know that story!!
if you get a ragdoll, they're very easy on the allergies... plus they're very layed back and mellow.

My dad's allergic to cats and his ragdoll didn't set his allergies off.
If he had a girlfriend (already sterilized of course!) he'd probably be less trouble. ;)
Laying there, I can just imagine him saying, "What are you looking at? Huh?!? I can quit anytime I want."
This is too precious.. This needs to be posted on http://icanhascheezburger.com/

When I see you tonight do you want to create a lolcat for Vadar? Start thinking of some captions I can put on this.

"...No officer its not my bag"
"But I didn't inhale"
"I see birds.. birds of every color.."
"Whoa man... I am trippin balls"
That is so cute! He totally had the 'uhhh....hi mom' look on his face. :)

Cats can get into ANYTHING!!!

Sammy (my first "stalker" is a runt, looks like a half-grown even though he's 11 years old, and we kept finding him in the top of the closet this one place we were living but could never figure out how he got up there. Then one day, while we were both right there, he strolled ito the room, walked into the closet, and proceeded to climb right up the hanging clothes to that top closet shelf!

Um, yeah, all my delicate, easily shreddable by kitty claws stuff got put back into a back corner of the closet, far from the middle area that he used to climb up.
HAHA! ROFL! That photo is great!

Tristan's kitty nip stay in the freezer where is stays fresh.
awesome photo! My cat, Salvador, looks exactly like that when he is stoned (he is black as well) :)
p.s. don't let him drink from a faucet. Otherwise it will turn into an addiction. Salvador just learned this recently and he drives me NUTS by begging for me to turn on the faucet. He is addicted to nip and faucets.