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Pole Kitten arching on pole


I'm in the process of finally converting my living room into a smaller private lesson studio, so that I can offer private lessons at home while the main pole studio has classes. I purchased a disco ball for the ceiling and I have a contractor coming over on Thursday to install the poles. I still need curtains to block out the sun though. Today I found these black sun blocking curtains with silver stars:

They are about 20 inches too long but maybe I can find a way to hem them without actually sewing them.


Sweet! Thanks!
You could also just take them to a tailor and have them take them up. It wouldn't cost very much and they'd be professionally done. You could probably have them use the stuff they cut off and make matching curtain ties when you want them open.
I was thinking about that. But ordering enough curtains for the studio will come to about $350. I think I'd like to cap the cost there considering I still have to pay for the contractor and other decor for the studio.
I'm not sure what you'll save that much doing it yourself (and the tape will eventually need to be replaced). I would think $10-20 (or less) would be worth the time and effort that you'd use ironing in the no-sew tape and trying to make everything even or whatever other headaches could happen. I usually try to decide if it's worth it to do it myself (if I really don't have the money, but I do have the know how or time to learn it) or pay someone else a small fee to take care of it very quickly.
The local taylor is expensive but my cleaners has good alteration prices. I'll check with them after I get the curtains. Thanks!