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socks and cat

Why is it different in Everett?

I noticed some things while at the country bar and hip hop club in Everett that aren't the case here in Seattle. And I'm wondering why.

First of all, I showed up in jeans and a cropped top with a bare midriff. Seattle clubs are packed with girls showing their abs. It's not a big deal. At McCabe's in Everett, even with the country bar floor packed and the hip hop upstairs floor packed, not one single girl had a bare midriff. Not one! I felt like a freak showing my belly (or at least really out of place) and kept trying to cover it with my coat. Do Everett girls just not show their tummies???

And the other thing I noticed was even more shocking. I saw a woman and her partner step outside to smoke, and she left her purse on the table! Another group of girls went to dance, leaving a purse on their table too. In Seattle clubs, you not only can't leave your purse unattended, but I have friends that have even had their coats stolen when they left them at their table. So what kind of alternate universe is Everett that you can safely leave your purse sitting unattended on your table while you step outside? Or is this just a country bar sort of thing?


well, I only lived in Everett for about 4 months. All i know is it seems to be laid back and more red neck there. more conservative in the style of dress. Even though I never felt that safe, I did feel like most of the girls there did not have stomachs worth showing off. I mean really, do you want to see a bunch of fat hanging over jeans? Your a rare exception who can actually show off her tummy...you have a flat stomach ;)