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machine gun kitty

drugstore.com review

I decided to give drugstore.com a try since the product I want is out of stock at most drug stores and also their prices are less than most drug stores.

They screwed up my order badly...twice. They have some kind of default system where even if you enter the payment method you want, it will STILL charge to a card you don't give them permission to charge to. Also, even if you enter the address you want it shipped to, they will completely ignore that address you ask for and send it to a different address you don't even use or have anymore.

I suppose they are trying to be efficient by finding old information on you and using that for charging and shipping (even at the cost of ignoring all the new info you enter into their website). But in the end it just means some other address that I don't have access to, is getting $46 worth of my merchandise. Their best solution to the problem is making me wait until they can have the order shipped back to them before they resend it, delaying my order by over a week. Not acceptable, they should be re-shipping the order now since they screwed up so badly. You can bet I won't be using drugstore.com ever again.