Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I have heat!

Apparently the heat was not broken in my home after all. I've never had forced air heat before. But apparently the way it works is the dials with the temperature settings don't actually cause heat to enter the rooms when you turn them up. They just blow air into the rooms. The heat comes from just one dial near the kitchen that heats some hot water that heats some pipes or something that the air blows on to fill the rooms with warm air. I meant to turn the heat off when I left town for the weekend. But I also turned the pump off and there was no more hot for the heaters to blow. The landlord told me how to turn the pump back on and we now have warm air again. Yay!

In other non-news, I have been perplexed by the rare but occasional students that arrive late because they can't find me. Mind you, I'm on a super busy highway in Seattle. This is not some obscure street that is hard to find. Not at all. Yet girls like this one yesterday sent me a message saying they were driving all up and down 15th Ave. NW and couldn't find me.

Now get this, my e-mailed confirmation to all my students includes:

*Our address
*A link to a map that says "click here for a map"
*The name of the business next door (because they have a big light up sign next you can see easily)
*The kind of business on the other side of us (hair salon)
*The cross street (for parking purposes)

So if you had all this information, why on earth would you not write or print at least some of it before getting into your car? Why would you drive up and down a major street trying to find a business without its address and the map and the cross street and the name of the business next door? Seriously. Please tell me why you would do this?

She also chose to park in the lot next door, even though it had a sign clearly posted in front of her that said "Salon Parking Only" and the name of the towing company that will tow her if she parks there. So perhaps whatever makes people not print up the address and instructions when finding a new place, also makes them ignore parking signs. I'll never know for sure.

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