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socks and cat

Follow up to my last post

So the gal that I purchased my metal belly dance bra from, continues to make and sell new ones on Etsy.com. Look at this one she just recently listed:

Holy cow, if my girls were big enough I would order that bra in a heart beat!

I e-mailed her and asked her if she could make a metal bra for me in copper or a copper color for a steam punk belly dance costume. If she can't, I might just buy a steel colored one and glue all kinds of steam punk things to it. Maybe some bullets to line the top and some clock pieces covering the rest.

I think I'll end up investing a LOT of money into this costume. But the steam punk convention is not for several months, so I can spread out the expense over the course of half a year or so.


I hope so -- just for not feeling like a dirty old man for seeing that picture.
I can has model please kthx. :-)

I don't own any earth tone clothing. I stopped buying earth tones years ago after I dyed my hair pink.
Steampunk fairy? I want pictures!!

I'd have to fly to that convention just to see you in that outfit!