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socks and cat

Steam Punk

tresdon sent me this great video defining Steam Punk. I'm not an Abney Park fan but I do plan to attend the Steam Punk convention later this year.

When I go places, my costumes usually stand out. Even when I go clubbing I get compliments from guys and girls about the creativity and uniqueness of what I put together. And I don't want it to be any different at the Steam Punk convention. Problem is, I don't even have a steam punk outfit! I don't know where I would begin some how making Victorian style sexy, since it's more lady like than sexy. And since the Victorian style is so uniform, it doesn't leave much room for uniqueness and creativity. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a head turning Steam Punk costume?

I'm thinking of starting with something like this:


Well even if you're not an AP fan I'd look to the backing vocalist/dancer's wardrobe. She puts a little bit of steampunk into her style but it's mostly a dancer's costume. Steampunk is very frumpy so if you do a totally steampunk look you're not going to feel like "you" so I would go with a cross of a bellydancer's costume with a few elements like brass jewelry.
I love this idea! But belly dancer doesn't seem to fit at all with steam punk style. I'm wondering if I should go more saloon girl, that fits the period more than belly dancer.
Au contraire:

and the new vocalist/dancer:

You can show your belly, show cleavage, just keep it in earth tones or jewel tones, add some brass eleements, maybe something vintage like lace and pearls and also a splash of worn leather...
I feel like they can get away with it because they are the trend setters. I'm the trend follower, so I think I might look out of place. But I'll see if I can find a copper bra and then maybe add worn leather corset over it and work from there. Thanks!
Ok, everyone doing the steampunk thing is a trend follower, even them. None of this is anything new, it's just experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Nobody doing the steampunk thing is doing anything original, so trying to be "steampunk" and "original" at the same time is impossible. Therefore, if you see something you like, just do it!

Copper bra sounds good!

steampunk belly dance

steampunk has a lot of "do it yourself" elements. Intersection of "what could have been" from the victorian era, with cyberpunk "do it yourself aspects"... lots of leather, brass, wood, airships, and goggles.


In the Victorian era they had just figured out how to dye new colors... so Purple and Yellow were in vogue. Look at Martha Washington's wedding dress and shoes (reproduction)

some ideas from youtube

some ideas found from google image search "steampunk belly dance"

Re: steampunk belly dance

Don't you think she'd look hot as a steampunk bellydancing cyberpunk girlie?!?

Re: steampunk belly dance

Yes, but I'm biased.... I'd think she look hot when she was wearing a full formal Victorian-style costume (yay, tightly fitted tailoring!) ;)

Re: steampunk belly dance

That would be something different!

Re: steampunk belly dance

Thanks for the plug, hairfan! Loads of how - to for belly dance, as well as videos of actual dancers (you can see how the different styles of costume move...) here: http://thegypsykiss.com/blog/tag/steampunk/

And whether you go belly steam or saloon girl, I have the hair goods here: http://www.thegypsykiss

Re: Finn of Abney Park...

I don't want her wardrobe, I just want her bone structure and flat abs!

Re: Finn of Abney Park...

I like my wardrobe, but I would like the cheekbones and flat tummy plsthx
I must have the lace up hat!!!!
Oh please please please send me or post a picture of your steampunk bellydance costume!

VIS....very important skirt.

ok where the hell did this picture come from, and is someone selling this skirt?

Re: VIS....very important skirt.

A fabulous seller on etsy.com. Enjoy!: lovechildboudoir.etsy.com