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busy day

It occurred to me today that I sleep on average about 8 1/2 hours a night. I suppose this is to be expected given how hard I push my body on some days. Last night I taught new inversion dismounts to my level 4 class. This meant going upside down on the pole over and over again. That kind of workout will certainly induce a dead sleep for a long time.

Today is a packed day. Tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed. Things I need to get done today before I teach at 6:15pm:

  • Breakfast
  • Rewrite lesson plan for 1st day of level 6
  • Answer backlog of e-mails
  • Print up quarterly tax coupons
  • Call gal that is willing to switch from Wed to Sat level 2
  • Send out confirmation to Wednesday level 2 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Thursday level 1 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Friday level 1 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Saturday level 2 class


FYI: Ran across this somewhere in the vastness of the interwebs:

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