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socks and cat

Should I wear a costume on Sunday?

I just looked up pictures of my goth belly dancer costume from Norwescon last year to get ideas for this year. My first thought upon seeing some of my costumes was...that was my costume?? Why the heck were people stopping me to take pictures with me? I don't think the costumes are all that great now that I look at them. I can do WAY better this year!

Today I finally picked up this dress from the tailor and got to try it on with my new chainmail. They look fabulous together and it will be my outfit for Friday and Friday night. Saturday I will wear my cyber goth belly dance costume probably for both day and night. I'm wondering if I should even bother putting a costume together for Sunday. Everyone is leaving and packing. Is there any reason to dress up?


yes, yes you should. i wont be there and we've never met but, heck, how often do you have the opportunity do dress up to that degree?
Re: your comment "Why the heck were people stopping me to take pictures with me?"

With those abs, you could be wearing trash bags and people would still want their picture with you!
psst...they were taking your picture because you're fripping gorgeous.

And, though I'm 20 minutes late...happy birthday, K.