Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

the wheels are turning

At the end of every 6-week pole class session, there is one week where there are no classes. I still work all week, usually getting things done around my home office. But it really saves my sanity to have that one week off in the evenings, once every seven weeks. Sometimes I use it to just work at a slower, more relaxed pace during the day. I can doddle and take lots of breaks and run errands or go shop knowing that I don't have to rush to get business things done in time to teach in the evening (because there are no classes that week).

It also allows me to attend things in the evening that I would normally miss because I teach in the evenings. Today I attending a workshop by an amazing life coach and counselor. He made the workshop free and I can see why. Once you get there and find out how amazing he is and hear his students give testimonials about how he has transformed their lives, you totally WANT to pay his $150 hour fee to see him privately. I'm already thinking about cutting my spending so I can fit him into the budget.

This got me thinking about what would happen if I offered free workshops. With every workshop I give, I get longer term customers for the future. I could offer them during the next 7th week where there are no classes. However, I would burn out if I had to keep teaching during my week off. So instead of making them free, I'll drop my $45 workshop down to $20 per person so I can pay my instructors to teach them.

The wheels are turning in my head and I'm getting excited. I like this idea.

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