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socks and cat

Vampire Ball pics

Click the cut at the bottom for the larger version plus a few more

The dress (the pictures don't do it justice):

My handsome date:

Ohhhh...bad vampire! Bad! Bad!

cagekitten & onewolf. I made the vampire fang choker I'm wearing:

darkmane looks so cute in his kilt, I couldn't resist him!:

This gal had the best costume of the night!:

tresdon's friend Angel:

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You looked MAHVELOUS dear!! (but you do anyway 8^)
That was a wonderful Vacation, can't wait till our next one.
*is stunned*

You look magnificant!
WOW!! That dress is fabulous darling!! and they tall drink you got on your arm is quite a stunner ;)
You looked fantastic! The vampire lady all in white is inspiring. Very cool
I have dress envy.
Although tresdon's outfit kicks ass.
You look GREAT, as always.