Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

student review of my studio

Some one just posted this fabulous review online about my studio:

"I was extremely nervous when I came into my first Pole for the Soul class. I wasn't taking the class with friends (I was worried I'd be too self conscious with people I knew,) and I certainly don't consider myself the "sexy" type. However, after the first lesson I was convinced it was the exercise class for me.

The entire experience is designed to make you feel relaxed; low lighting, intimate windowless studio, sexy music, and best of all no mirrors! The instructors are pros at helping you do things you never thought you could. They show you pole dancing and other exotic dance moves that look awesome and difficult, but can actually be done by even the most uncoordinated (me.) Nearly everything in the class is an amazing core workout, but you hardly notice because you are having so much fun!

I'm hooked, and will be starting the level 2 class soon. I've told some of my friends about the class, and I am now their hero. I probably won't be telling my co workers or parents any time soon, but it's actually fun having a sexy secret on Wednesday nights."

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