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socks and cat

My new favorite dress

I own quite a few sexy dresses. I can't help it. I'm a girly girl. And what girly girl doesn't want to feel pretty and sexy? Well the dress I found at the Metro in Portland last weekend makes me feel prettier and sexier than any other dress! You can click the thumbnails or the cut to see the full size pictures of the dress:

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I'll be taking the dress to the seamstress this week so I can have it hemmed in time for Norwescon! I'll probably wear it to the dance Saturday night, with the chainmail over it!



HOT!!! I want one like this!!! *jealous* lol. your so gonna ROCK the dance ;)

Thanks :)

If you really mean it, you could call the Metro in Portland and see if they will take your order by phone and mail it to you. Maybe if you talked to the manager they might do it.

Re: Thanks :)

I wouldn't do it without trying it on first...because of my huge hips and ass, it might not look as good on me...so I would not want to order and have it not look as good on me :(

Re: Thanks :)

You could always order it and if it doesn't look good, sell it to another dancer. It would be really easy to strip out of on stage, it's just a stretch black fabric that you can pull right off.

Re: Thanks :)

But these days, no dancers are buying anything...we are all doing sooo bad!! We are all struggling so hard, that I am barely making my ends meet each month, and I am working a LOT! I am not buying new outfits either...just can't. And there are no other jobs right now. I am just glad I CAN work to pay my bills...all my other non dancer friends are struggling even worse to find just any work!
WOAH! This one's really an eye-catcher! I mean both, you and the dress or rather you IN the dress. ;)

Really, I love it on you. First it's 'oh, what a nice elegant dress' and on second sight it's 'h*ly sh*t that's hot!'.
Thanks! That's the effect I was hoping for. :)
Awesome dress! I like the two straps on the side. Th
Much appreciated!
Oh... oh my... You look fantastic. :)
Yay thank you!
How do you walk down a street without attracting a horde of admiring men?
She wears full length coats. :)
Great icon!
Cagekitten makes fine prey!
That's certainly half of it. The other half is that you make a fine vampire.
Gorgeous as always!
I would if I could dance in them! I need a pole to hang on to if I'm going to dance in those. :)
Wowzah! Nicely chosen, you! ;)
Wow! That is so perfect on you!
Thank you!