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socks and cat

No joke

Not an April Fool's joke: On April 1st sales tax in Seattle goes up from 9% to 9.5%. And you can still drive to Portland for those super expensive purchases if you don't want to pay tax. I just spoke with some one yesterday who drove to Portland to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring. If you're going to spend a few thousand dollars on something, you can save a few hundred in tax by driving out of state for it.



Greetings. I'm an astro-imager and I've been also getting into macrophotography. Interested in mutual friending?

Re: OT..

Hey - having spent my first 30 yrs in Buffalo-land, I can relate.


Some of the bookstores do that to me as well.

My new favorite store:
(I especially like the leopard print swimsuit http://www.retrovixens.com/lingerie-and-swimwear_33/leopard-print-swim-suit_10183.aspx ) rawwwwwwwr!