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socks and cat

Back from Portland

The vampire ball was fabulous! Honestly, the best part is just seeing what everyone is wearing. There were 700 people attending the ball and a few came from all over the world (7 different countries if you count the US as one of the countries).

The trip was wonderful. I didn't realize until we got to Portland how much I needed to get away from Seattle. I spend too much time here. Getting away is good for me. The shopping in Portland was so good! They have a giant mall there with 3 levels and an ice skating rink. It's probably about 4 to 5 times bigger than our mall here in Seattle. And since there is no tax in Portland, I felt like the entire mall was on sale and everything was 9% off. I got a ridiculously sexy gown at the Metro in Portland (I have more sexy dresses now than 1 girl could possibly wear). I also got a couple items from this amazing vendor at the ball that makes unique and detailed goth and belly dance wear. You can check her out at http://www.darkfusionboutique.com/

At the Spencers in the mall I got all kinds of fancy club lights for my dance studio. And I also got a one of a kind hand crafted leather top at Metro. I spent WAY more than I planned to and now I need to take a break from shopping for a while. I'll post ball pictures once I've had a chance to download them.


Yes, there are those of us who are... intrigued by your description of your gown and desire proof of your stunning beauty. :)
The pictures don't do it justice, but I'll post them.
True, but it should suffice for those of us who could not witness it in person. :)

Maybe... ;)
We did Sooo much shopping.. I am surprised you didn't overdose on shopping.
It got pretty bad at some points, she was saying "Eric get me out of here, I can't stop shopping!"

At first it was cute, racing from store to store, trying on hot outfits. I didn't blink an eye when she attended a few clothing swaps, thought to myself thats good she is finding others that share her passion. Then I noticed the addiction was steadily getting worse when she started buying clothes from shady merchants in dark alleys. I started getting worried when she ran out of money she started borrowing, then selling some of her things to get more clothes. I knew I had to act when I woke up late at night, found her curled up in a ball twitching on the bathroom floor with her laptop buying goth accessories at http://www.etsy.com/

Sunday night was a tough night.. Vader her cat and myself intervened with a night full of cuddles, wouldn't let her near her laptop to buy anything else... We talked about shopaholic rehab. I just hope she doesn't go into relapse now that I am at work...

Luv yah hon