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Stripper Boot Camp

Today I did an emergency pole dance lesson. I got an e-mail from some one saying she needed a pole lesson TODAY. I called her and asked if this was a pole dancing emergency. I was half joking, but she said yes. So I asked if by chance she just got a job as an exotic dancer and started tonight. She said, yes.

So I have to start this by saying how proud of myself I am. For years I didn't have the confidence to train strippers, because I felt like if I have never been a stripper that I must not be qualified to teach one. But today I discovered that nothing could be further than the truth. I fit her in today and I did an amazing job. In just an hour I taught her:

  • Two pole spins
  • An entire lap dance routine (and not just the sensual intimate stuff from my workshops but the dirty, naughty stuff that men want to pay for)
  • Sexy transition moves she can do on the wall or the pole
  • How to alter the lap dance moves to make more money or how to keep the lap dances cleaner so she's following the rules (so she can choose for herself)
  • How to relax and add accents that give the impression she is enjoying the lap dance as a sensual experience and not just working it for the money
  • Some of the sexiest but easy floorwork moves
  • A super sexy and irresistible way to ask the customer if he wants a second lap dance
  • Which customers will be spending the most money and which she can expect to not spend much on her at all
  • Tips on where to buy her stripper clothes

On top of all this, I gave her a coupon for 20% off new stripper shoes at Love Zone because her dog ate the back of one of her stripper shoes.

I'm realizing I have had SO many lessons from SO many strippers that I am little by little becoming an encyclopedia of how to make money as a stripper knowledge. I thought about it and I think I would like to market a special stripper boot camp lesson to new dancers who have little to no experience. The stripper boot camp package will include everything above that I tought this girl. And instead of my usual hour lesson, I'll extend it to an hour and 15 minutes for $100. I'll make a brochure for it and market it to local club managers. So when they hire amateurs, they can pass the brochure on to the new girls who don't have experience and need a crash course.


WOW! I am impressed! I wish I could have had that boot camp lesson! lol. Glad i had your video though...hehe. I could definitely teach that class now, however! lol. To bad I can't become one of your instructors ;)
I reviewed that video to teach her lap dancing. Thank goodness I saved it, I had forgotten many of those moves until I watched it again.
That is AWESOME! What a great idea. You are the coolest.

Very cool! I think that would be a great learning package.
I think that's a great idea!!!