Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My night go-go dancing

Go-go dancing at the Vogue was a blast. I must admit though, I forgot what hard work it was! And I had to be extra careful because their go-go platform is super tiny and made of a super slippery material. I wore rubber soled boots to cut down on the slipping. But I had to make sure not to do any fancy dance moves for fear of falling off the little platform.

I had fun getting all dolled up for the night and djeternaldarkne played great music for me to dance to! I shared a table with tresdon and sweetestkiss and her friend Tommy. I also got to hang out with psymbiotic and ran into domina_carmen and her out of town friend.

I did have some challenging wardrobe malfunctions and now I know not to wear my super long hair extensions when I go-go dance (among other things I learned not to wear when go-go dancing that night). But I loved the feeling of being up there and I loved the way people showed their appreciation for my dancing. It felt fabulous!

One of the folks that runs the Vogue invited me back to dance again. I must admit, it's SUPER tempting. I love it! And it gives me some place to wear the freakin' TON of go-go dance type gothy clothes that are overflowing in my closet and taking over my home. The conflict is that if I commit to a Saturday night, and then some one books a pole party with me that Saturday night, I'll have to back out. Maybe I can arrange to do last minute commitments with them and just slip in on those Saturday nights when I don't have a pole party booked. Although hopefully there won't be too many of those unbooked Saturday nights. I like it when my dance studio is booked full with happy clients. You know if the Vogue had a go-go cage, instead of that little slipper dance platform, I think the go-go dancing would win out over teaching pole parties. There's a reason my name is Cage Kitten. I simply can't resist dancing in a cage!

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