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Belly dancer headshop

Help me choose my Norwescon costume

I have decided I will be a goth belly dancer again at Norwescon, but I'll need some new pieces so I'm not wearing the same costume as last year. But another option, instead of buying new pieces, is buying a piece for a more formal costume. Below are the choices. Both are $80 plus shipping. If I order the corset, could I also make a costume out of it for the Steam Punk convention? Because if I can, that would sway my vote.

The belly dance chainmail and sparkly yarn belt:

The corset from Lip Service:

Which should I purchase for Norwescon?

The belly dance chainmail and yarn belt for a goth belly dance costume
The corset

If you chose the corset, what should I wear it with?


I choose the hip skirt because the corset wouldn't look right for belly dancing... it would be too restrictive... that and the skirt is just HAWT!!!
I didn't mean to imply the corset was for belly dancing. The corset is for a steam punk costume, or something like that.
D'oh! I get it now... sorry my brain's been a little slow lately lol
You will look amazing in anything you wear
Hopefully we will get a chance to meet this year, since we never did got the chance to meet last year.
I didn't pick the corset, because it would just hide your incredible abs.
You win. ;)
The corset would work for steampunk and I like it, but the skirt is more you and definitely better for belly dancing.
If I buy the skirt, what will I wear to the steam punk convention?
Heck if I know! :)

steampunk fashion

might give you some ideas?

I went to a talk at a steampunk con, they talked a lot about thrift store shopping and techniques to make your own outfits from thrift store finds.
is an updated post from that lecture, with text and pictures.

Re: steampunk fashion

Wow, thanks!
that'll make two of us!

oh, and don't worry about looking the same. many professionals just recycle the same fabulous costume over and over again. :p