Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'll be go-go dancing at the Vogue Saturday night

Last Saturday night at the Vogue they had one go-go dancer who usually works upstairs at Neighbors. Watching her made me remember how much I miss go-go dancing. There are few things on earth that can make me feel as happy as dancing up in a cage in a busy club. But I can't do it anymore because I often teach pole parties on Saturday and Friday nights. And teaching pole parties pays the dance studio rent and business expenses, not go-go dancing.

So tresdon talked to the gal that runs the Vogue and explained to her that I used to go-go dance at the Catwalk and at Noc Noc and asked if I could jump up on the go-go box and do a little dancing. She said yes! Here is a picture of me dancing at the Vogue:

I only danced for two songs though. I was wearing a corset style lace up pleather top and full length skirt, which just don't work well for dancing. But I talked to the gal that runs the Vogue and she's going to let me go-go dance again this Saturday night! I don't want to take the job away from the current dancer, so I'm just going to jump up on the go-go box now and then, to give her a break. But this time I'll be dressed for the part and ready to go. I'm so excited!

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