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blade lick

Vamire Ball

We have our tickets to the Vampire Ball: http://www.vampireballpdx.com/ I'm so excited! We are going up to Portland Friday night, I guess there is some kind of pre-ball mixer that night in Portland.

Who else is going?

Do you want to carpool with us or share our train ride (we'll take the train of there's no one that wants to share the driving)?

Also, does anyone know if there are cheap motels near the event? I'm taking 3 days off from teaching to attend. And if I'm going to take 3 days without income, I would prefer not to spend $80 per night for one of the fancy hotels listed on the ball's website. Plus I'd rather have that money for Norwescon just 2 weeks later. So I'd like to make this trip as inexpensive as possible so I can save for Norwescon. Where can we stay in Portland near the Melody ballroom for cheap?


Sounds fun but Gordon hates clubbing which leaves me sitting at home most of the time. :/

Last week when I posted about a Vampire Ball, I was talking about the one last week in Tacoma. You didn't happen to make it to that one did you?
No. But I've been to the one in Portland and it's huge and has lots of great performers and is a lot of fun! It's not at all like an event at a club, it's a real formal in a real ballroom.
I should be more specific. He doesn't like crowds. :/