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Couch Kitten

First pics of Vader

Vader seems to have a fascination with water. I caught him striking a pose on the tub here:

His fascination includes the toilet. If the lid is up, he does this:

And of course he's a snuggle slut, just the way I like my kitties. Here he is napping (with one eye open) with tresdon:

More pictures to come, I already have a photo album on LJ made just for him!


My cat, Watson, was fascinated by toilets - he was totally mesmirised to simply watch one flush and reach into the swirling water to swat it. He'd perch up on the seat and stare at the spectacle, so I'd flush it for him and he'd just think it was the world's most water-spendy cat toy.
He's handsome!

So, are you fostering him for now? Or are you planning on keeping him?
He is on loan to me from his foster care home for a trial adoption. We have a month to see if we bond and are suitable for each other and happy together.
Ah! Good idea :)

I hope you two bond very well then :) He looks like he already belongs.
Oh he is so cute! His coat is nice and shiny.
He looks so elegant with his slim frame and shiny black fur.

All the best for the two of you. :)
Isis likes watching the toilet flush too!
What a handsome cat! He has a lovely presence; would you consider showing him at some point? He stands like a show cat.
I'm not a cat-show kinda girl. I just want a kitty for the love and affection.
He is a very pretty cat.
My solid black kitty has a fascination with water too -- she'll sit and stare at her water bowl at reflections, and attempt to "fish" things out of it. She does the same thing with the toilet, but my other two always try to drink out of it so we keep the lid down at all times.
He is my little buddy, I told yah I am a beastmaster! In a couple of years you will see me walking around Seattle with a hawk on my shoulder and a panther walking near me. :D

We will see if he still wants to snuggle with me if we every do get around to clipping his nails. I know how to do it hon but he isn't going to be happy. I think that 20 dollar grinder you got is good for maintenance but at this point his claws are beyond maintenance. Going to need to get shears or sharp finger nail clippers.

Edited at 2009-03-10 06:59 pm (UTC)