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socks and cat

Vader update

I am probably cruel to the new kitty. Since his name is Darth, I go around saying in a high pitched baby voice: "Who's my dark Sith? Who's my little dark lord of the Sith? You are! That's right. You are!"

In return for this humiliating baby talk to him, Vader has made several attempts on my life. Whenever I go up or down the stairs of my townhome, he runs diagonally across in front of my feet. These are clear attempts at trying to trip me on the stairs and send me tumbling to my fate.

My home has turned out to be a cat paradise. The front of the building where my office and downstairs living room are, face one of the busiest streets in Seattle. There is tons of traffic and people and birds to watch. He likes to sit in the window and watch it all. The other side of the building where the bedrooms are, is a quiet residential neighborhood. He likes to sit on that side too and watch birds. There are also lots of counters for him to jump up on, and he seems to like those.

I did forget to buy him a scratching post, and I can't find my cat nail trimmers. So it's back to the pet store today for more supplies.


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It's good to know you have some protection...

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Last one, I promise, but it's purrfect

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You: "who's my Dark Sith?"
Cat: "I find your lack of tuna....disturbing"
you feel a pressure on your neck...sort of to one side and up
Cat: "If I had opposible thumbs, you'd be Dark Force Choked (tm) by now"
You: "*You're* my little Sith Lord"
Cat: Damn...well, maybe I can trip her using my superior combat skills....
That is wicked cute that you call your cat dark sith :)
He is a ball of energy.. Sorry I stole your cat ;)