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Luke & Leia

Meet the new kitty

ocicat put me in touch with his friend that is fostering a kitty that sounds perfect for me! So the foster mommy and I have been e-mailing back and forth and making arrangements...and...this adorable kitty's foster mom is bring him over to me Thursday night! He will be here for a two week trial to see if we bond and fall in love.

I would like you all to meet Vader:

Vader's petfinder webpage has the following description:

"Vader is a shiny, all black cat who just came in to rescue when his family separated and had to move. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle but is also playful and loves to chase things that move. He is about a year old."

He sounds like everything I was looking for in a cat. He is young, black and affectionate. And the fact that I am a raging Star Wars fanatic made it seem like he was meant for me. I am of course hoping that he is a total cuddle slut that loves to sit in my lap when I work and sleep in my bed with me.


Yay! I hope he's all you want in a kitty.
Aww, what a cutie and he really sounds perfect for you.

Good luck with the little fellow!
I like the name. :)
I think he's precious, and I hope it works out between you!
I am very happy for you baby, from the sounds of it this is your future furry soul mate.

*jealous* ;)
Yay! I do hope you are perfect together. Everybody needs some furry love in their life.