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Pimp Hat

My luxury vacation destination this year is...

My accountant called me twice today with questions because he's doing my taxes. I'm actually excited! As most of you know from reading my LJ, I put 25% of everything the company makes into a savings account to pay taxes. I pay quarterly from that account. But I guess on my quarterly so I'm always off. 25% would be the right amount to cover my federal tax and sales tax except that it doesn't take my deductions into account. When you consider huge deductions like the rent on my studio and what I pay employees, I'm probably (hopefully!) over saving.

Last year I took that over savings and made one of my dreams come true: a cruise to Alaska! Those of you that missed out on it can read my posts from the cruise here:

So guess what luxury vacation/destination I'll be doing this year if there is money left over? It's a place most of you probably go every year or few years or so. It's...the dentist. Yeah. With my health insurance premiums being $388 a month, I just can't justify purchasing dental insurance on top of that. I do take really good care of my teeth. I brush after every meal (that's 3 times per day!) and floss every night. But it's been 3 years since I last went to the dentist and it's time. I might even get myself one of those fancy sonic tooth brushes that my dentist suggested I use.