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socks and cat

Tacoma Dome concert

Has anyone been to a concert at the Tacoma Dome? I was thinking about going to see Britney Spears in concert there - it's on the day before my birthday! So this would be what I want for my birthday. I checked tickets and the "floor" tickets right up in front of the stage are half the price of the seats that are way off to the side of the "floor". I'm thinking...what's the catch? Is the "floor" standing room only or something? Some floor seats have row numbers and some say "general admission". Is it a mosh pit? Are the general admission standing room only and the ones with rows on them assigned seats? Why are the seats so close to the stage but not over priced and the ones way off to the side priced much higher?

Here is the seating chart so you can see where the "floor" is: http://www.gotickets.com/venues/wa/tacoma_dome.php


This is how the layout is going to look when Britney is there:


Britney's stage will be in the center of the floor so there is more room for dancing.
There are still a ton of tickets on Craig's List. But it looks like good tickets will cost us $150 per seat.

Also, parking is $25. Can we carpool with you and G?
I saw VIP Parking for $25 I thought. I don't know that all of the parking is that much. I'll ask Gordon if you could carpool with us. I don't see it being a problem, but if parking is that expensive it would be nice to split the cost of that and gas.