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socks and cat

Happy Bootday to me!

These boots arrived today! Happy Bootday to me! And tresdon gets credit for coining the phrase for me.

Much to my surprise and delight, the boots don't actually hurt. And they look great on. I can't wait to walk or wobble about town in them. I can't wait for the next party I can wear them to. I won't wear them clubbing though as high heels take the fun out of dancing.

I also got this little petticoat skirt which I can wear for performances. I just need the right top to go with it.


Um... pictures of you IN the boots please?
LOL! I can't wear them for at least 48 hours. I just treated them with a special water proofing spray and they have to dry for 48 hours.
I can wait 46 1/2 more hours.
I'm going to be doing a clothing swap with the petite girls I know sometime in March. Would you like to be on the invite list?
You bet!! I've got some clothes saved too. My Saturday afternoons are open for the next 6 weeks. But these days I'm teaching on Sunday afternoons. With enough advanced notice though, I might be able to open up a Sunday afternoon.
Happy Bootday baby.. :D

Damn! You got some mad design skillzzzz I didn't know about! Thank you. I love it. :)