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socks and cat

Obama's health care plan

According to Obama's new spending plan, if you make more than $200,000 per year your taxes will go up to help pay for health care. I'm down with that. I just wrote my $388 check yesterday for one month of healthcare and I think it's outrageous. The irony is, when I was unemployed, the state of Washington paid for most of my health care and only made me pay $30 per month for full coverage. That sets up a system so that people who do nothing or don't work, get nearly free health care. And those of us that work our our asses off 40 to 70 hours a week to make our dreams come true, get strapped with monthly health care premiums so high it could feed a starving family for a month. I shouldn't have to close my business and stay unemployed to get affordable health care. But that's how it works.


I live in Mississippi. I have been unemployed except for seasonal work for the last 7 years. I do not get state assistance for health care. I've not seen a physician for a checkup in that period of time, and have only seen one nurse practitioner because I had a cold that turned into pneumonia, because I couldn't afford anything other than over-the-counter medicines to battle it. She wanted to admit me to the hospital, but I'd have spent the rest of my life paying that stay off, so she relented and sent me home on full bed rest for a week, and gave me a bunch of free drug samples to use to clear up the infection.

This is the kind of life most of us unable to afford health care go through -- NOT having the state pay all our medical bills for us. If I were married and/or had kids, it'd be a different story, but all the uninsured people I know are just like me -- single with no dependents so the state doesn't give us jack shit.
I should clarify that I have been TRYING to become gainfully employed through all of those years, but have only had one seasonal job during the entire 7 years.
I didn't mean to imply that everyone unemployed is unemployed on purpose. But there are some people who choose not to work, and sit around all day watching tv, and get full medical coverage. Those are the people I'm talking about.
I think that EVERYONE should have health care that is included with their taxes like every other modern country has. If someone wants extra service they can get additional insurance or just pay out of pocket.

I have to say that I think it totally kicks ass that you have your own business and doing something that you love! (it's such a cool job too)
It is a double edges sword. I'm a graphic/web designer and I have not been able to find a full time job to save my life and I'm on unemployment because of it. To top it all off, NJ has given me NO health insurance. I've applied for it, several times. But I cannot afford to be off of it, so I've been paying out of pocket because what I would pay in prescriptions a month WITHOUT insurance is more than what I pay now plus the co-pay. So Yeah, there's two sides to every story and thought it sucks for people who cheat the system, there's a lot of honest people out there with family and health problems such as myself who need and depend on this insurance and have just been severely fucked over due to our current economic state.

You're lucky you can provide a service where people will still pay you a lot of money. I wish people thought web design and graphic design were just as important lol. Good thing that physical fitness and beauty still rank at the top of the list of what people will still shell out money for during this "crisis". :)
My premium is $130 or something.
Premiums are based on two things:

1. Your age (your premiums will get higher as you age)

2. Your deductible

You are either much younger than me or have a much higher deductible than me or BOTH. My insurance will give me the exact same plan I have now at $388 per month for only about $180 a month...if i was 20 years old.
i am 39. it's hsa-compatible. so i save $2,400/yr tax-free and should i incur more than $3k expenses in a year, then i have insurance coverage. that's like $200/mo savings, but at least it's savings, rather than a premium.