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want a copy

Oh my god, some one PLEASE buy me a copy of this movie!:
I just ordered this:

One of my students said she learned a new pole dance move just from watching this movie. So I need it to pick up some new moves.


for awhile it was on comcast direct when we were looking for something to watch.
I just ordered it online.

You are adorable
I like strippers and you like zombies, it's the perfect movie for us!
I want this
You can get it used on Amazon.com for $8.35
OMG I am so gonna get that. Jenna Jameson is the bomb!!!

Fun! Inspiration is everywhere.

Re: Fun! Inspiration is everywhere.

Awesome! I need that clip on my website.

Can I come over and watch it with you?!
There is a better tv at your place. How about a double date and all 4 of us can watch it at your place?
I somehow expect any double date at my house will be me and inkandalchemy and whoever you bring with you. Because we're the freaky zombie girls.
Oh yes! I love this movie. I've seen it at least 7 times and I'm not typically one of those movie people.