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how things are going

Last night the start of the level 3 class was weird. I've never seen students I'm not at least somewhat familiar with, walk into the first day of level 3. This is because last session was the first session that my longest running instructor taught level 2 unsupervised. She is also observing level 3 this session so that she can train to teach that as well. It's odd to see students I don't know, progressing to higher levels without me. For the longest time my instructors have only taught level 1 and I've been the one teaching level levels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

In other good business news, at the end of this session if all goes as planned, the three instructors I am still observing teach this session (part of their training) will be unsupervised next session. That means all of my level 1 classes and level 2 classes will be done without me. This might actually free up time for me to start teaching private lessons in my home simultaneously with at least 4 or 5 other classes. Or, god forbid, actually have a free evening or two during the week. A girl can dream.

I also ordered my first ever portable stage pole:

This is designed to break down into pieces that will fit into a car yet expand to a sturdy stage with a 9 foot high pole. It was expensive as hell, the shipping alone was $150. I will always need help moving and transporting it as the heaviest piece weighs 80 pounds. But if I can get help, I can now perform at any event that has a ceiling of 10 feet or more. I can also set up a bridal shows, women's conventions or clubs or anywhere that will rent to me or give me space to promote the business.

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