Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Negotiations with the bar

Performing went great at the University district bar last Friday night. Two of my instructors went with me and they let us post fliers all over the bar. They gave us sign up sheets to sign up the girls in the bar for our first in-bar workshops.

The other instructor that performed with me wasn't bothered at all by the idea of dancing sexy for a bar full of strange men. As we were stretching on the pole in preparation to dance, a few of the guys got excited and started hooting and hollering in advance. I didn't like it but when I looked at the other instructor, she totally laughed it off. She was just happy to perform and didn't care. So I decided if she could be that laid back about it, maybe I could too. But I still left out most of the sexy moves and did almost exclusively tricks and acrobatics. She went full on sexy with the moves when she performed.

The biggest concern was men shouting out innapropriate remarks. However, most of them were silenced when we started performing. Apparently they were expecting some strippers or stripper looking moves. But what they got was skilled polework and a daring and dangerous acrobatic style performance. They were so busy being shocked and picking their jaws up off the floor, that they forgot any remarks they might have wanted to shout. We blew them away. And the one instructor that didn't perform, went around with the sign up sheet and got girls in the bar registered for the workshop.

The only conflict came when they asked us back to perform again this Friday. Negotiating is not one of my strong skills and I have found myself in the awkward situation of having to put my foot down and suggest my employees be paid if we're going to keep performing there on Friday nights. I pointed out that in addition to signing up girls for our workshops, our performances also helped promote the other pole school that they solicited to come and do workshops there. I also pointed out that we were providing entertainment for the men there. They argued with my points and still didn't want to pay. I finally said we would perform once per month for free but after that, I couldn't be expected to send employees there every week to dance for free. So they events person I deal with finally said he'd talk to the owner and get back to me.

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