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BOOT fetish

Boot hijacked

With the economy the way it is, I have been trying to curb my spending. But honestly, I was sitting at home minding my own business on my computer when these boots viciously assaulted me and hacked into my PayPal account and purchased themselves from Hot Topic's online store. I had no control in the matter and my incurable boot fetish had nothing to do with it.

With heels that high, I doubt I'll be able to walk in them. But wow, they're gorgeous.


Holy foot contraptions, Batman! Those're hot.
For sure, worth the pain of wearing them.
...If only I happened to have the same size feet as you.
ah yes. we witness the behavior of the wiley "buckelus sexius", a rare species of boots that has a tendency to ambush unwary feet and bank accounts. :p
Well, if I were in your neighborhood, I would be MORE than happy to offer you my arm just to see you in those boots. Yowza!
Those are .. well words fail the are so hot I cannot imagine how hot they would be with a person in them. You are going to need a body guard and not just to help you walk.

They will simply magnify your awesomeness!
Yeah I have boot lust just looking at them! Awesome pair. They look like they are straight from an Eric Stanton cartoon.
You don't need to walk in heels to be able to enjoy wearing them and the attention they generate.

* going off to look for my own pair to jump into my closet *