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socks and cat

last minute flier

Dante's in the University District told me I can post and leave fliers all over the bar/club. I need them by tomorrow so I just made this quickly. Please keep in mind I only have a 2003 version of PageMaker, so my creativity was limited. And I used sexy pictures instead of fitness style pictures because I thought those would appeal to the college girls who want to look sexy on the pole. What do you think?


It's good. It doesn't need to be fancy or flashy. It's got enough information so people who want to know more than the name have an idea of who you are or what you do, the visualization to suggest what the result or idea is, and it's easily read and laid out. Print a zillion and get 'em all over the place.
A bit busy, but not bad overall.

It would look better if you remove the bottom picture of the woman on the pole in the schoolgirl outfit.

The other picture is a better picture. It's more evocative and sets more of a mood. The bottom picture is too straightfoward and almost clinical in the way it's lit.

Elminating the botoom picture would help you make the top picture the central element of the page. It's a good image and it's eye catchingn and deserves a bit better placement. Right now it has to fith with not one, but *two* other images of women on poles. That's a bit much. (Yeah, one of the images is your logo, but it's still a total of three images of women on poles in one flyer).

So, in short,

Eliminate the bottom picture.

Resize that text box appropriately after the picture is removed.

Enlarger the other picture a bit to make it more the central image. Work with both the resized text box and ther resized picture so that the page looks good overall.

By "the top picture" and "the other picture" I mean the vertical picture, not your logo. The logo can stay the same size.
I think it is very eye catching and cool Kitten.