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My shopping cart system is declining money

My online shopping cart system provided by shoppingcartgurus.com has been messing up big time. I pay them $25 a month for one purpose and one purpose only, to limit inventory. I already have a shopping cart that accepts credit cards through PayPal. But PayPal will sell and endless amount of spots in a class that will only hold 6 girls. They have no inventory control system. Shoppingcartgurus was my inventory control system but they oversold 2 classes last week. I can't fit the extra girls they sold to and had to offer them discounts to switch to another class.

Today shoppingcartgurus.com rejected every order that came in for classes. Three girls attempted to register today, and shoppingcartgurus declined each one of their credit cards for a total loss today ove $600. Yeah, thanks guys. I called two of them back and got their orders through by bypassing the shopping cart and entering their credit card numbers directly into PayPal. But one girl I have not been able to reach.

The last time they screwed up and cost me money, I asked for a credit from them. They refused, basically not willing to take responsibility for the financial losses they caused. So as they continue to cost me more money, there's nothing I can do about it and they won't pay me back in any way.

I need a new shopping cart system, obviously.


interesting... we had trouble last night with an online shopping cart declining our cards... still don't know what was up with that.. then our card co. called first thing this morning to see about multiple charges tried to our card... everything was reaching the right places but the cart was just blocking the transaction for who knows why... annoying! I called the co and they have a tech file open..
I know someone who sets up on-line merchanting systems, among other stuff.

Do you want me to get him in touch with you?

I think that if you can lay out what explicit requirements you have, he can set something up for you that will meet those specs, if he doesn't have something already set up.
Yes please. Is his system compatible with PayPal? One of the reasons I use this shopping cart company is their system deposits the money directly into my PayPal account.
I believe his set up is PayPal compatable, as it is pretty much the standard now.

I can't guarantee that he has a system that will work, or can be easily made to work for you, but he knows his stuff and it's worth talking to him to see.

I forwarded your info. He's "Chris at Techforge.us" and I believe he'll be in touch.