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Portlanders are easy to please...and so is my ego

I had quite an experience at Flux last Saturday. It wasn’t at all like clubbing here in Seattle. Mostly because #1 I don’t usually club with a date and #2 you can dance on the stages at Vogue without being noticed by the majority of the club…not the case at Flux.

The drawing point of the Flux for me, other than getting to club with Matt for the first time, was the catwalk. I was told it is 8 feet up in the air and runs through the middle of the club. No, it was more like 10 feet when I got there. And you have to climb up a ladder to get there. And it had Christmas lights wrapped around one of the railings, which pretty much lit it up in that darkened club.

When we first got to the club I felt very much like an outsider. I’m infinitely comfortable at the Vogue and the Mercury and think of them both as my domain and my territory. This place was not my territory and I hid with Matt at a table in the back as I struggled with my nervousness. There were two pool tables very close to the dance floor and I steadied my gaze on those for a while as I cowered on Matt’s lap. One thing I did enjoy were costumes. There were two or three men in what I can only think of to describe as period costumes. I watched their every move. Costumes are dead sexy.

Matt knows the DJ and to help get me out of my shell he requested one of my favorite songs to dance to at clubs: Mother by Wumpscut. When the song started I was immediately drawn out of my corner to the dance floor. But I didn’t make it half way to the dance floor when that ladder to the catwalk called to me. Before I knew what was happening I found myself climbing onto what was a VERY narrow and frightfully high catwalk platform.

I started to move when I realized that this was not at all like the Vogue. At the Vogue you could be on stage and maybe half the club would notice you but more likely only a handful of people will watch you. At Flux EVERYONE can see you on that catwalk and everyone DOES watch you. As I started to move in my sinuous fashion I soon discovered I was drawing the attention of pretty much the entire club! This made me so nervous that I began to tremble. I looked down to Matt watching me under the catwalk and mouthed the words “Oh my god I’m SO nervous!”

Doing back arches (which I often do while dancing) lends itself to a whole new kind of terror when there’s 10 feet down to fall if you slip. In fact every dance move is a little scary when there is far down to go. I didn’t know it at the time but Matt was staying directly under me for the entirety of that first dance in order to catch me if I fell. Eventually I got into the music and began to just do my thing. Apparently “my thing” is unheard of in Portland. People were mesmerized.

When the song ended getting down the ladder was challenging in my sheer skirt. But Matt waited at the bottom and I found myself in his arms before I could reach the floor. And because everyone watched me get down off that Catwalk, everyone saw who was waiting for me below. And that’s what started it.

I made a habit of climbing up there off and on throughout the night and the reaction we got was quite an esteem builder for both of us. The first one that approached Matt was a stranger. He looked up at me dancing, looked back at Matt who was my date, back at me, to Matt again, and then approached him to shake his hand. He basically congratulated him for being with me!! This congratulatory act was repeated by many of Matt’s friends and surprisingly by a total of 3 strangers. Holy cow!! Apparently if you’re my date you’re so damn lucky that strangers need to come up to you and shake your hand and congratulate you! Damn, life should always be like that.

One girl went up to him while I was dancing and told him how hot his girl was. He suggested she pass that on herself, which she did later. We pretty much became the stars of that club that night, and Matt basked in the glow of it. Me, I was simply stunned. I thought dear god these Portlanders are easy to please!

Because I didn’t know anyone in the club I wasn’t so afraid to make a spectacle of myself. This prompted me to give Matt quite the slow, sinuous lap dance in the back of the club. I learned a new trick recently where you straddle their legs, grab and hold on to the waistline of their pants for support, and slowly arch backwards on their lap until your head almost touched the floor. He loved this move. Hell, he loved all of them. I excused myself later to dance on the dance floor at which point another stranger approached him to tell him just exactly what watching us together did for him. Heh, wow.

Quite a night indeed. Matt tells me he now has a new habit of playing Wumpscut’s “Mother” quite frequently to remember that night by. The next time he goes to Flux, with or without me, they’ll remember him. Because they’ll remember he was with that girl that climbed up onto that catwalk and danced like they’ve never seen anyone dance up there before.

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