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Kitten & Duncan

If you could have absolutely anyone as your Valentine...

Happy V-day everyone!

If you could have absolutely anyone as your Valentine, real or fictional, fantasy or reality, current or deceased, who would it be? If you already have a Valentine, but could have a second one (maybe celebrity or fictional character), who would it be?

Post a pic of this Valentine as a comment. There is a picture of me with my chosen second Valentine in the icon for this post.


A fine choice!
Just imbed the image like you would if you were posting it on your own journal. (replacing [ with the correct < or >)...

[img src="the internet address of the image"]

Happy Valentines Day!

I love that photo! They look so warm! :)

My Valentines in an alternate universe

... is that the Highlander guy?

That's me with the Highlander guy. :)