Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

health insurance rant

I learn something new about my health insurance all the time. So today I found out that even though I pay the big bucks for a "no deductible" plan, I still have to pay 30% of all surgeries that I get. I had a biopsy in December (nothing major or life threatening and everything was fine) and apparently the insurance company considers a biopsy to be the same as surgery. Said biopsy took 5 minutes, including a brief numbing shot so I wouldn't feel it. I hardly consider that surgery. So the 30% of the doctor bill and 30% of the lab bill came to almost $100. Not a big deal unless you consider I pay $388 a month for my health insurance.

Why am I paying nearly $400 a month for health insurance if I have to pay $100 for a doctor visit?

Lately I've been very tempted to take a big risk and drop my health insurance for 3 months just to save an extra $1,100 - just because I think it's highway robbery to have to pay $388 a month for it. But they smacked down that little plan by announcing that they would no longer offer my "no deductible" plan. Those of us on the plan now can keep it as long as we stay on it. But if we drop it, even for a day, we can't get back onto it.

I think health insurance is like gambling away $388 a month at the casinos. You only win if you have a major illness or accident. Only that isn't really winning when you consider the larger picture. So health insurance is just a no-win situation all the way around.

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