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socks and cat

Cage Kitten does a shot

I'm supposed to go out tonight but I'm feeling really tired, even after a nap. So I just drank one of these organic energy shots:

I trust the brand because my favorite tea (Yerba Mate) is sold by these folks. So now I'm a human experiment and I'm about to see if it gives me energy or does nothing or makes me weak and wired and shaky the way caffeine does. If it works, I'll surely buy a few more of these at Whole Foods and stash them for those rare occasions like this when I need it.

Soooooo....here we go. Waiting for the energy now. Waiting. Waiting. Will report back with results tomorrow.


if it has guarana in it.. it's got caffeine in it.. and more than you'd think. (guarana bean has twice the caffeine than a coffee bean)
what's Guayakí Yerba Mate? it's listed as a propriety blend of stuff on the ingredients list... what's in that?! (guarana?!) who knows.. let me know if it does give you jitters or not.. I'm curious.
ahh i just needed to poke around more: http://www.guayaki.com/index.php?id=136&p=mate curious..
Guarana bean is from brazil and so is this stuff ;)
I haven't tried the shot but I never liked the tea. For me, I get a pretty great energy boost from ZIPFIZZ. It is full of energy boosting B vitamins and green tea. It is sugar-free too.
P.S. ZIPFIZZ doesn't taste great, but it tastes better than most energy shots. I'd be curious how the Yerba Mate energy shot tastes.
The taste wasn't too bad. I had ate a fortune cookie with it to help wash it down.
i'd be carefull. guayaki has been putting out *lot* more products lately. the whole product line is less looking less centric to being green friendly and more and more looking like they're trying to make a quick buck.

i've stopped buying their mate completely and have moved to a lesser known bulk smoked mate that madison market is carrying.