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Pimp Hat


Now I remember why I drive all the way to Bellevue to pay $85 for a haircut. He really does a great job. So now I feel all pretty for Valentine's Day. As usual, my hair was thinning as it got longer, so we had to cut it to my shoulders. This also meant cutting off so much of the pink that now that only the ends are pink. So when I'm ready for the next cut in 2 or 3 months, I'll be ready to bleach the underside of my hair again so it will take the pink hair color and I can have more pink hair.


Have you ever tried getting a trim every month? It keeps your hair from thinning and you can grow it A LOT longer without the breakage. My mother was a hairdresser so I had the luxury of having my hair trimmed every month. The length of my hair was usually past my ass and sometimes down to my knees.

I know that you have different hair than I do, but it can really make a difference to get regular trims if you can afford it. I don't regularly trim mine anymore, so it starts looking thinner by the time it reaches the middle of my boobs.

I just saw this and thought of you. ;)

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Re: I just saw this and thought of you. ;)


Re: I just saw this and thought of you. ;)

DARN IT! I was just about to post that to this very post.

Re: I just saw this and thought of you. ;)

Great minds think alike! ;)