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Pride & Prejudice

What to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day

For those of you that have not selected a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart yet, here is the Shine's Guide to Terrible Valentines Gifts:


I'm actually really glad to see roses at the top of that list. I think a large number of us gals are bargain hunters. So the idea of taking something that costs $40 or $50 all year long and seeing it marked up to $100 to $120 just for this one week per year, makes me feel like people are being robbed. It's a waste of money to pay more for something than its actual year round value. Plus they die. As a girl who used to work in offices, I can tell you the majority of us LOVE getting flowers or something delivered to our office. It sits on our desk for days and lets our co-workers know how awesome and thoughtful our sweetie is. But whatever you have delivered can be something creative and/or something other than just a boring old dozen overprices roses.

My favorite ever Valentine's Day gift was one from a boyfriend I had in college. Money was tight as we paid our way through school, so I suggested that we only make each other gifts and no purchases were allowed. The card he made me was SO amazing and so heartfelt that I still have it treasured and tucked away to this day. I probably only see it when going through a box of old memories and things, but it brings me joy every time I do see it. And that joy has lasted a decade or more than roses would have.


One of the comments I saw on there said, basically, "No plushies."

I have to disagree. If it's something in a category I'd like in the first place--a plushie of a character I'm a fan of, or one of my favorite animals, or just something so patently absurd that it makes my jaw drop at the idea that anybody'd even think to make that plushie--I might be totally cool with it.

Heck, I've got two plush armadillos and a plush comapanion cube. :)

But my girl doesn't do Valentine's Day, really, which is kind of a relief because I've got no clue in the world how to do V-day most of the time, beyond just being affectionate and appreciative...

From long ago and far away .....

Hello Ms CageKitten! Been a long time I know

I am very glad you seem to be doing well!!

How do dangley Opal Earrings rate on that list?
I think I am back to stay now.

the one and only HouseCatTn(Miche)

Re: From long ago and far away .....

Welcome back!
Roses...mixed blessing. I agree with the price part, no question there.

As for the dying part... They do die, but if taken care of at the right time, they can be hung up to dry, and if done correctly, can look really neat afterwards. We have a fair bit of dried roses in our place..all having some form of meaning or other.
Well dang so much for getting you an Eric sized Teddy Bear and Rose. Figured you can use the bear as a bed ;)

I got something special for you planned :D

Edited at 2009-02-10 09:38 pm (UTC)
Awww...thanks. But I already have a giant bear:

Jealous ------------>

grrrrr.. get your paws off her!