Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Not an exclusive deal

The bar/club in the University district that wants me to run pole workshops there, called me. They asked me to come in Friday night and do a demo on the new pole during their busiest hour. I'm sure they thought they were doing me a favor, giving me a chance to hand out cards to everyone in the club and such. But I told them I wasn't all that sure I was willing to pole dance in their club in front of men and that I could not in good conscience ask my instructors to do so. At least at amateur night there aren't any drunk men and there are MORE than enough naked professional dancers there for them to objectify, so as a clothed amateur I don't feel singled out in any way. Plus when we do amateur night, it's with a group of supportive women cheering us on. At this club, I would be the only woman on that pole and I would be in front of strange men that are drinking and no supportive girlfriends or students.

I finally agreed to do it on the 20th if I could get on the microphone and explain prior that this was a school for women and what we do and my website and that men could buy gift certificates for their ladies. But I guess my hesitence cost me because they told me they planned to call other pole schools in town and let them get in on the action. I feel pretty betrayed by that. I'm inclined to just let other pole schools do it and not bother. I think that was pretty low of them to turn around and offer it to other schools after they made a deal with me first. But I hate to give up a good promotional opportunity.

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