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socks and cat


I went to the mall yesterday to buy one of my instructors a birthday present. She's my longest running and best instructor and she does so much for the business that I often feel like I couldn't run it without her. I even think about having her run the next studio that I open in the future. So I decided to splurge and buy her a $50 mall gift card. Only when I got to the mall, they don't have mall gift cards anymore. They just sell these debit cards that are good anywhere that accept credit cards. I thought it was pointless to buy a gift card that is good everywhere. I mean you might as well just put cash in the birthday card if you're going to do that. So I got her a gift card for Victoria's Secret instead. I hope she needs $50 worth of lingerie and panties!

I also got myself a very inexpensive little Valentine's Day gift. I found a Hello Kitty rhinestone charm that looks a lot like this one:

I'm wearing it now and I absolutely adore it!


lol, who doesn't need $50 in lingerie?
I don't know of any woman who would turn down $50 worth of lingerie and panties! :) Although Victoria's Secret that is like the price of one bra sometimes...but still is very nice of you!