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The wait is over, I finally own my business name

It took almost a year to process, but my trademark application process is finally complete and my attorney sent me a copy of my trademark - it arrived today! It even came with this fancy cover on it:

I am now not only the proud owner of the name "Pole for the Soul" but also the tagline: "Empowering & Fun Pole Dance Fitness Classes & Pole Parties."

I delayed the trademark process because of the $800 fee. But I finally stopped putting it off after a pole school in Virginia started calling themselves "Pole 4 Your Soul." Of course now that the trademark is mine and I can finally send them a cease and desist letter, it appears they have gone out of business (their website is gone). There is one other pole party business using my name in Canada. But to the best of my knowledge, my trademark is only good in the US.



should we celebrate?

ok i will look for any reason to celebrate
That is wonderful news! Congratulations! :) I am going to be working on a Trademark later this year myself and I dread it.
The processes is ridiculously complicated, and one mistake could cause your trademark to be rejected. Find an attorney with a minimal fee and go that route. It's worth it.
Right on, and big congrats! :D


Now make sure you protect your trademark by keeping an eye out for any other pole studios or similiar businesses using a very similiar name. Any time you find one make sure to send a "cease and detest" letter and document everything.
i jsut got that doen with syztem7. yeah...its a long and expensive process. very cool.