Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Hooter girl

One of my students recently got hired at Hooters. I'm actually really glad she did, because she's not just beautiful -- she's exceptionally beautiful. I think when you have to die for looks that are far above and beyond the norm of beautiful, at some point or another in your life you should have a chance to share it with the world and make a good living from your beauty. I'm not prescribing this as a way of life of course. I mean if she wants to go to college and be a biologist or an attorney or something, she should. But when you have heart stopping beauty, why not use it to work your way through college?

Anyway, she gave me some amusing insights into being a Hooter's girl:

1. You are not hired as a server, you are technically hired as an "entertainer". So from a legal standpoint, this means you can be fired if you gain weight.

2. You don't just talk to the people at your tables, you make the rounds and talk to everyone at every table. This makes sense, since most folks are likely not there for the food, but the attention and time from all the pretty girls.

3. Everyone works as a team. If a plate of food is up but it's not for your table, take it to the table anyway. Every server...errr...I mean "entertainer", helps every other.

4. The clothes have spandex in them, so they squeeze you together and give you more cleavage. This bit probably doesn't surprise anyone.

5. No tattoos allowed, the girls have to cover their tattoos with make-up before coming to work.

6. No rings except wedding rings. Only one pair of earrings allowed. So if you are double or triple pierced, take them out before you come to work. I guess they want the girls to look conservative.

7. No excessive eye make up, no eye shadow at all. Your make up should appear natural at all times. I can only guess as to the reason for this. Maybe they want the girls to look more like the girl next door than an exotic entertainer.

I should also mention that Hooters is the ONLY place I know that serves deep fried pickles. So if anyone is in the mood to visit Hooters, please take me along. I really *miss* fried pickles!!

And this concludes your lesson today on how to be a Hooter girl.

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