Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

This show never ceases to shock me

So just when I think watching all these shows on addiction has given me some grasp of understanding it, a new addict surprises me. Last night on the show "Intervention" the documentary followed an alcoholic so severe that he had to be drinking all the time. You never actually see him take a break from the alcohol. He just drinks constantly, day and night.

As the cameras followed him, he went unconscious to the point where his family could not wake him up. They took his pulse and found it racing. So they called an ambulance. In the hospital they discovered why his drinking nearly killed him that night. His liver was failing and could no longer process all. The doctors told him, just one more drinking binge would absolutely kill him.

While he was in the hospital recovering, he was desperate for a drink. He saw in his bathroom a hand sanitizer that was 50% alcohol. He poured it into a cup, but couldn't drink it because it was foam. So he added water, strired, and proceeded to drink the hand sanitizer to get drunk.

I think what shocked me the most about that moment was the fact that the camera crew did not stop him. He was basically about to do something that could kill him, and it seems like the crew could could in a lot of trouble for catching it on film but not stopping it. And of course it was shocking that he needed to be numb SO badly that he was willing to kill himself to do it before he even got out of the hospital.

Fortunately his intervention was a success and he went directly to a detox and then to rehab. The show checked up on him 60 days into his 90 day program and he was still sober and taking the next step of starting to look for work.

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